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Yunnan Yunhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Yunnan Yunhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008, the company's main biological cultivation, processing and marketing; Chinese herbal medicine resources development; acquisition of Chinese herbal medicines, sales. The registered capital of 100 million yuan. As a subsidiary of Yunnan Yunhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the Yunhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. actively explore the artificial cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine resources, the upstream industrial development to the bio-pharmaceutical processing industry. Relying onYunhe Pharmaceutical existing resources, including technical resources, human resources and hardware conditions, the company actively cooperate with the government, in the old Jinping, such as the construction of the planting base, planting varieties of Dracaena, gentian the grass, Saruma, Aconitum.

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